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Taking this course will provide you with a basic foundation in Java syntax, which is the first step towards becoming a successful Java developer. You’ll learn how computers make decisions and how Java keeps track of information through variables and data types. You’ll learn to create conditional statements, functions, and loops to process information and solve problems. You’ll even learn to use Eclipse, a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that professional developers use, to build, compile, and debug your code. These are foundational programming skills, and mastering them is a must for all aspiring programmers. This course is designed for 1) Beginners who want to learn to code in Java 2) Learn the basics of Programming like Variables, Decision making, Functions, Loops and Arrays 3) Anyone new to programming who doesn't know where to start I had fun creating this course and really excited that you chose to learn Java. Can't wait to have you in the course!

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Course Intro

  • Introduction 1min 43sec

Learn the basics of programming and write your first Java Program using variables to store and retrieve information

  • Hello World 3min 18sec
  • The Memory Game 2min 16sec
  • Variables 2min 19sec
  • Updating Variables 2min 15sec
  • Displaying Output 2min 48sec
  • String Variables 4min 35sec
  • String Concatenation 4min 49sec
  • Variable Name 4min 5sec
  • Data Types 5min 6sec
  • Arithmetic 4min 43sec
  • Casting 2min 43sec
  • Comments 2min 6sec

You will be able to write Java programs that can have decision making capabilities using if-else and switch statement

  • What is Control Flow 57sec
  • if Statement 3min 11sec
  • Recognize Student Grade 1min 46sec
  • Variable Scope 2min 48sec
  • else Statement 2min 42sec
  • else - if Statement 4min 52sec
  • Boolean Expression 3min 29sec
  • Tickets to the Zoo 4min 46sec
  • Logical Operators 4min 22sec
  • Order of Logical Operators 1min 20sec
  • Nested if Statements 3min 36sec
  • Switch Statements 6min 42sec

Create functions in Java. Declare methods with input arguments and return types. Then, call the functions you create.

  • What is Function 2min 38sec
  • Function Definition 2min 50sec
  • Calling Function 2min 25sec
  • Parameter and Arguments 4min 24sec
  • Weather Interpreter 2min 24sec
  • Multiple Parameter Intro 3min 39sec
  • Argument Order 2min 13sec
  • Adding two Numbers 2min 16sec
  • Return Value 2min 31sec
  • Analyzing Add two number 4min 0sec
  • Random Number Generator 4min 37sec
  • Rolling Dice 4min 21sec

Use For and while loops to iterate over a block of code. Learn how to write nested Loops to iterate over an array

  • What are Loops or Iteration 1min 23sec
  • For Loop 5min 31sec
  • Printing Table (For Loop) 3min 31sec
  • While Loop 1min 27sec
  • Printing Table (While Loop) 2min 1sec
  • Comparison of For and While Loop 1min 58sec
  • Break Statement 2min 59sec
  • Arrays 4min 38sec
  • Console Lucky Draw 4min 10sec
  • Arrays and Loops 8min 20sec
  • 2D Arrays 3min 30sec
  • Iterating over 2D Array 7min 49sec
  • Nested Loops 53sec
  • How Nested Loops Work 7min 22sec

Installing IDE and getting your hands dirty with Coding

  • Hello World 3min 19sec
  • Function and Parameters Practice 2min 55sec
  • Array and Loops Practice - Part 1 7min 11sec
  • Array and Loops Practice - Part 2 3min 55sec
  • Return Value and Return Statement Practice 3min 55sec

Use your knowledge to solve problems

  • Defanging an IP Address - Solution 3min 38sec
  • Number of Steps to Reduce Number to Zero - Solution 5min 17sec
  • Shuffle String - Solution 8min 5sec
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